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This collection of pictures has been created to accompany a selection of sonnets written to describe the thoughts and feelings of a lone fisherman.

Each picture focuses on one or two lines of each original poem for inspiration. I have then created an illustration  which conveys a particular mood or appeals to a specific sense. Some of the lines have been treated lightly with an illustration in the style of a children’s book or by using some amusing feature. However, as many of the poems are bleak or even dismal, a more thoughtful, quiet style has been adopted for those. I have also produced some abstract pictures to contrast with the pictorial photographs and to present a truly lively and varied set of illustrations.

One of my intentions at the start of this collection, was to create a very varied set of pictures. Some are pure photographs, both location and studio shots, mostly unaltered and unchanged, others are entirely digital creations and the rest lie somewhere between.

The original  poems are by Gavin Jones, a lecturer in media studies.They served as inspiration for the pictures but as there is no requirement to display the poems, they have been reduced to the lines I chose to use for inspiration.


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