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 I love to take photographs which convey a sense of the moment, but at the same time have an element of the artistic. I love balance and shape and composition . I can appreciate ‘perfect’ photos of wildlife where every feather of  a bird  is in focus and the shot can only have been achieved by hours of waiting for the right moment, but this is not my preferred style.

Although I have a degree in Photography, I have never wanted to be a professional photographer in the sense of portrait or wedding commissions.

Many of my photographs are used as inspiration for other artworks - often paintings. They can be cut, pasted, overlaid,  expanded, or otherwise modified, to achieve a particular end. Some of my India Exhibition pictures have as many as 20 photographs combined together. I create composite pictures using as many photographs as it needs to make the inspirational pictures for my ‘local poster’ series.

My Yorkshire Dales poster paintings were first built up using photographs to create the picture before I began to paint.


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